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Derby Red

The law of the Derby the red
football is always unpredictable team's bad luck come first, perhaps will be the beginning of another team bad luck; a star delivered the coronation of the date of the canopy, and perhaps also his the starting point of air transport Sharp.
be welcomed into C Lo set foot on the Manchester derby battlefield, his mind is certainly on the Golden Globes to be announced. C Luo played very hard, in particular, want to use a personal capacity prove that the loudest voices to their name deserved,louboutin pas cher, however, goes too far the performance, so that the star was enough to allow the final derby yellowing a red end, a coronation before anticlimax.
the This is Premiership and a ridicule, especially to Sir Alex Ferguson to give up their own two years after the retirement plan amazing, but the most striking individual is still in the past year, the European arena of the most dazzling C Luo
C Lo appear in the left wing, make every effort to want to use various The kinds of skills in the derby the Footballer worth in the face of powerful and agile Richards, his performance was lackluster, the hostile fans booed, as always, mm This is probably the most controversial candidate in the potential winner in the Golden Globe. first yellow card from the wing block his opponents, a second yellow card is somewhat bizarre: he leaping high in the collusion of the wing pass the ball, the intention of a header from the center, but the balls to face the door, C Luo suddenly the same as the goalkeeper hands to a racket. yellow card comes, he constantly as if to show that the home fans whistle interfered with his, but his entire performance and the Golden Globe for some distance, his thoughts, I am afraid that does not completely enter the competition.
rather flashy Park Ji-sung, before the games of his tireless running, for Manchester United to open the door to victory. the first half 42 minutes, Rooney restricted area dribbling off, Park Ji-sung bold Fanqiang in Carrick, the latter left foot shot was blocked out Wayne Rooney in front of Jianlou easily scored 100 goals of the professional game personal. the first 68 minutes, Mr. C Ronaldo was sent off after Manchester City still played loose, did not play more than one advantage,louboutin, Manchester United poise.
incredible scenes in the wins, but Cech before Arsenal this war victorious will exit the win ranks, Zhu Lu in the first half of hectic own goal, the second half, but a wrong offside regain score, Robin van Persie right-foot strike succeeded in this goal is like a dying edge of the Arsenal a lifeline three minutes later, a series of high-speed conversion co-ordination, so that Robin van Persie gave Chelsea a fatal blow with his left foot after more than 20 minutes to the whistle of Chelsea make every effort, could not find offensive feel. full time on the ball, Chelsea 60%, but the real shot a handful of the threat, Scolari's London honeymoon officially declared the end of the Premier League into a more chaotic and more exciting stage. Arsenal
problems outside the storm renewed title hopes? they are still behind Chelsea seven points, the young The gunmen have not found the key to a coherent play Liverpool,louboutin, Chelsea and a game in the same points, goal difference is also leading, but the Champions League group stage, their last one also can not tolerate negligence, lack of inspiration of the league encounter teams, so that Scolari really aware of difficult to enhance this strength the team's third-ranked Manchester United narrowed the gap with Chelsea, but C Ronaldo doing? Tevez How to use? Berbatov joined,louboutin pas cher, relying on no front of the array with to Pa Premiership Manchester United, but also one of the two years running The only certainty is that, close to the 67th birthday of Sir Alex Ferguson also do not have any retirement plan. brilliant suspense is still
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The shock of the opening ceremony , BOB days to kill the directo

Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Co., Ltd., said to BOB
the BOB belongs to BOCOG and the IOC Olympic Broadcasting Services company formed, a Chinese-foreign cooperative enterprises, specializing in Olympic TV business in the 2008 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, responsible for the production and to provide for countries around the world broadcast television broadcast Olympic events and important activities of the international public television and radio signals, and building and operating the International Broadcasting Centre and other venues, broadcast facilities for the Olympics broadcast rights holders to provide services related to broadcasting matters. This is also the first Olympic Broadcasting Service and the Olympic Games host city for signing such an agreement. In this regard, Verbruggen said the IOC is very pleased to have Chinese so partners feel fortunate,louboutin pas cher, though the BOB does not have shares, but its establishment due to the open attitude of the Chinese government and CCTV, as well as the efforts of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee the.
so this garbage directed to let us completely true to see a magnificent opening ceremony shocked the whole world. Fou hit
opening neat! spectacular!
TOT did not see such a beautiful perspective
should cut vision actually use local close-up, with many simply with picturesque like a beautiful scene greatly reduced.
the red
Bird's Nest is really a magnificent place, or Fou hit part. Yang angles. BOB director will cut the audience I Feature
five-star red flag fluttered in flying, the song of victory how loud
the majestic Guoqi Ban ~ ~
flag ~
raising of the flag, national anthem is played
next we see is garbage directed indiscriminately lens the use of the close-up vision, the vision when the close-range close-up cause we do not see feel not beauty
the who saw on television there are words =?
if not group photo, did not go to the scene of nearly 40 million people, who know the above lines?
history of the picture slowly started. why we apply on film so good-looking. Zhang Yimou is indeed the director was born, which is totally effect of part of cinematic
in peach, directed the firm cut a large close-range close-up of a peach. 4 billion people around the world in this section, the basic can only see close-up of props suspected plastic flowers. then we look at the scene
real results!! this peach shocked!!
Zhang Yimou I will never say you specialized households in the rural drama you are worthy of a big director,louboutin!
BOB director, you should inserted into the torch ignited! performances of
holding bamboo Letters
on television, directed to this performance is a large close-up, close-up to the feathered the eyeful head on, feel is a large group of his head with a badminton us look at the effect of the scene
freehand brushwork, painting-like feel. we can see on television, only BOB guide broadcast cut to the top of the head feathers close-up
this lens when watching TV totally see both sides of the beautiful ceramic picture. days to kill the BOB to the middle of close-up, and for a long time, without even thinking to the overall coordination of both sides.
old plan child, you vomit blood, you worked hard for several years, the classic opening ceremony was the gang the discount
foreign fool broadcast again exposed the head of the BOB director. such a beautiful point of view, such a beautiful scene, you actually only face of an actress to play close-up, that the girls are nice, but you can not only beat them on television did not see this scene, too bad
TV completely did not get it! The closer to the King when you far making pillar vision, who can look at the above
God, and broadcast on television today, really is the same for the opening ceremony?
anything so beautiful. Why did not
Feitian dancers presented.
only by BOB to the two lenses, but also I do not know the so-called ==
how beautiful dancers
I bet the audience watching television do not know this picture turned out to be the case.
please see above, the time of the broadcast, completely did not get above the landscape axis.
sigh, sigh, Zhang Yimou, you really talent. The opening ceremony is definitely worthy of the magnificent shocked the world and I believe you can conquer all that night the audience this evening. your creative talent all the SB's foreign guide broadcast to ruin.
watch TV in this scene is absolute and can not, because this time directed to the camera cuts to the floor, to the actors playing the ultra-close facial close-up close-range ==
Taijiquan transform Tai Chi array.
so beautiful, the TV is not visible on the
What is?
is tai chi beginning of that period we should remember very clearly playing the close-ups.
vision, vision is Zhang Yimou director of the effect of the pursuit!!! brighter future in
so directed cut no
Tai Chi array another change
of 2008 What a beautiful smiling face ah
really OK TOT

The memory will not be forgotten

Appealed to Shandong, Shanghai fans keep cool !

Friends afar

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The dog dog one if dogs could talk

If the dog can talk Zhao herd if dogs could talk, what will be the consequences ?Folk philosophy thinking problem .The answer is :if dogs could talk, it would be with us on the table to eat mm demand equal rights .
Of course ,dogs can Don not just a dog ,and all animal .Dumb animal is &quot ;weak stratum &quot ;,so most of them endangered edge .Tsinghua University Liu Haiyang &quot sulfate ;test bear olfactory &quot ;later ;then a Siberian tiger was a few sold ,for long term &quot &quot ;go ;performance ,not rest ,being alive tired die ;Wuhan Zhongshan now had the name &quot ;love cubs Park in &quot ;tragedy ,a peacock is forced to spread ,for visitors to photographic pleasure .
In the first half of 2002 Chinacruelty to animals ,&quot ;&quot ;became the popular language. Many people know &quot ;speculation &quot ;the amazing power ,but no matter how the media keep on repeating at great length to report an event ,there is always someone to pay no heed .
Animal cruelty to continue but is one of many examples of a .To a considerable extent breakthrough cannot free talking history after all ,medium and face another generally sad thing Solid mm White said.
The maturity of network technology ,make this sad state in &quot ;press &quot ;links are intuitive .Look for a search engine ,type &quot ;&quot ,kneel down ;and you will see a news event, a large number of &quot ;news &quot ;be linked in.
For example in &quot ;sell eggs old man forced to kneel down &quot dog ;news suffix a kneeling event: &quot ;only one dish Zhuhai 8 dinersforced female captain strip kneel barking like a dog ;&quot ;&quot ;9 year old boyan important juncture of life and death :here to forget about one people kneel ,there is unable to vehicle ;&quot ;&quot ;Wuhan railway public security force is suspected of speculative reselling of tickets woman undressing on &quot ;.
Of course ,there are a large number of black enterprise boss made the workers down HH &quot &quot ;animal cruelty ;vice versa. On century two time after the war ,the west a famous historian pessimistically said :&quot ;humans can learn lessons from history only ,is never draw lessons from the history of any &quot ;.
Not many people believe that this is &quot ;forget &quot ;can explain. Compelling is the fact that ,in this world there is always someone can do no restrictions of any kind .&quot ;&quot ;the last century ,Austria Biologist Kang .
Lorenz said ,life is hierarchical, but is contraindicated in the presence of also is objective . With the life level gradually improve ,taboo stress will increase . To this end, he proposed a hypothetical experiment schemes :one continuous chopped lettuce ,fish ,chicken ,dog ,cat ,monkey ,he will feel as life grade rise, his psychological pressure will become increasingly large.
Then ,he changed the subject :&quot ;if you kill the monkey chopped lettuce as easy as root ,such people ,convenient times please expedite Dutch act & quot ;Lorenz may not know ,Chinese folk on the &quot ;do not eat &quot ;doggerel :aircraft flying in the sky ,Nike Air Jordan Shoes,do not eat ;swimming in the water ,the vessel is not to eat ;the four legs of the stool ,do not eat .
He may also know we got &quot ;live to eat monkey brain &quot ;the &quot &quot ;dish ;of course, will be the speaker can all this that Voldemort is square ,the other not to mention a and &quot &quot ;eat ;compared to the tiger ,&quot &quot ;go ;performance ,forced the peacock ,go after all, or &quot & quot ;sustainable development ;way too.
10 years agohas detailed statistics ,the Germans a year of consumption Fruit juice ,15 times thevalue of German territory area orchard ;Japanese declined at the world banning whaling convention signed ,reason is that Japanese eat meat, the &quot ;&quot ;customs ;a few years ago about excessive to collect seaweed for China West grassland serious destruction, we also have a rough statistics.
Actually we don what statistics ,each spring to the north have a look the sandstorm magnificent scene on the trip. You know the Revenge of nature is going on. 2002/5/5 attachednews only to earn money to Wuhan Zhongshan Park peacock was reinforced binding tail forced fan (map) in 2002 05 months 04days05:2:25 Beijingmorning news Morning News reported according to Wuhan ,2,reporters in Wuhan Zhongshan Park heart cubs Park saw ,a peacock as specimens as V in 1 meters tallshowcase ,open for a long time its color ,many visitors spend 2 yuan of moneyand take photo.
See peacock peacock that painful manner ,by reporter around the fence up peacock behind ,finally found the secret ,the original peacock feathers tied bar, legs are tied ,free peacock that was made a living specimen .
According to experts ,the peacock is A natural reflex, forced artificially artifacts use to its tail, equal in animal cruelty. Heard &quot &quot ;go ;dead tiger the Chiangnan times news in March 29th ,a year only 5 year-old thunder named &quot ;&quot ;the northeast tiger after three times of reselling the two and a half years go ,&quot ;&quot ;2000day in November,in a performance in &quot &quot ;go ;field .
Although the circus owner Yan leaf into please Fuqing City Veterinary Station veterinary given treatment ,was also invited to the Fuzhou City Zoo Vet adviser Professor Lei Yao consultation ,also irretrievabl ,ineffective treatment ,finally die .
According to one witness said :&quot ;the tiger died ,orbital is also hanging tears .&quot ;until one year after the November 15, 2001, Yan leaf matures to Zhejiang Cixi City Public Security Bureau gave himself up ,in March 28th this year in the court decision ,how this is something .
But let a person plaint is &quot &quot ;go ;actually dead. The tiger ,in any case is a shocking thing. The tiger ,Shuowen explanation is &quot ;mountain beast king &quot ;,it is the king of beasts ;the Song Dynasty poet Xin Qiji Yong Yu Le Pavilion nostalgia .
Jingkou in said :&quot ;gas swallows Wan as tiger .&quot ;See how awesome tiger .Tiger is a symbol of bravery .If a person was very tall, well-built is heavy ;described the terrain Xianyao ,easily defensible called a forbidding strategic point ;the general praise ,called HW ;experience dangerous survives, called inside life ;reach a dangerous place, called a masquerade ;to do dangerous ,called dare to confront the greatest danger .
Of course the tiger has a bad day ,then called the tiger falls level land ,two-part allegorical saying there are three words :&quot ;&quot is canine bully ;if this tiger is not falling into the plains ,a saturated blood &quot ;make history &quot ;,it will not fall at the stage.
&quot &quot ;go ;dead tigers in the world art history ,or perhaps the first. The show is cruel ,how cruel boss ,really can be said to a money not hurting you . The visible man in front of money is significantly better than the wild animal .
One has said ,people as an animal when he is an animal more ferocious ,Air Jordan Shoes Outlet Sale,is indeed a good go .&quot ;&quot ;dead tigers ,suggesting that the &quot &quot ;go ;a number, using &quot do ;&quot ;this word a bit too much.
If you want to do ,would not be very well off Information ,can be a good rest ,there may be tired of driving performance ,Nike Jordan shoes,so sick .Of course also won what good performance . It should be said ,the boss is to see money ,while the viewer is watching the &quot ;&quot ;,or tiger &quot &quot ;fame ;,the king of beasts well ,natural somebody wants to see a tiger style ,as for the performance quality is different .
Not seen except tiger outside some of &quot go &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;star ;,also do ?&quot ;&quot star ;nature is strong money goes ,the audience also directed its fame go go .Of course &quot ;&quot ;dead tiger ,the key lies in the tiger can ,act too seriously ,because the money was not the boss of contempt for humanity ,so it got cop-out .
If some other &quot moonlighting ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot star ;who ,sick or money according to not make mistake ,even singing even Spitfire even shout oneself hoarse throat even breathlessly also will not refuse under any circumstances ,some way ,the &quot &quot ;go ;natural persons may not die tired on the stage.
The same is famous, or wise .However ,do &quot go &quot ;there is not much to see it ;Is a fact ,or nowadays why no classic come out ?Maybe except money is impetuous and boring .
(online :Zhu Xinmei ) related articles :Northeast tiger died in &quot &quot stage ;go ;no legal restriction of animal abuse phenomenon in our country is still common source: people.com.
cn April 16, 2002 (Editor: Xia Aiping ) a the tiger died ,5 menby the procuratorate prosecution to the court. the first because of the frequent &quot ;moonlighting gig &quot ;and break down from constant overwork tiger death cases in Zhejiang Province, Cixi Municipal People court open trial .
Because of the special circumstances, many involved in zoo and circus ,but also in Fujian ,Zhejiang ,Jiangsu Hubei ,Heilongjiang and other provinces ,the influence is tremendous, CCTV and Zhejiang local television ,newspapers and other media reporters were to appear in court next to listen.
Our correspondent also went to interview. &quot Cixi ;really regret ah hh&quot ;this is the Zhejiang Public Security Bureau in Cixi house of detention ,on suspicion of illegally purchase ,transport ,sale of endangered wild animal products crime Yan Yecheng saw the reporters say only one word ,the next time the 30 headNorth Jiangsu man always hold the head not language .
Only a year only 5 year-old tiger after scalping ,in strict leaves into the circus performed the final break down from constant overwork death, not the law strictly put a dead tiger Ripper stripping ,slice and dice .
More reckless is that he will tiger meat sold Cixi hotel !In Cixi people investigation record reporter saw the tiger soaked in blood &quot ;make history &quot ;HH &quot &quot tragic ;go ;it is the three selling ,always increases the performance of the intensity of the HH let us put this unfortunate tiger called &quot ;&quot ray ;,it tragic history &quot &quot ;go ;since two years half ago in Nanjing zoo ,it was &quot &quot ;agent ;Li Zhengliang was &quot ;&quot ray ;to be in Anhui with Li Zhengliang in the zoo for the animals performance ,then ,&quot ;&quot ray ;go on his second &quot &quot ;agent ;there, he is Zhou Jianwei of Heilongjiang ,identity is North Heilongjiang large beast circus staff at the circus tiger show earning large quantities of gold each day ,Zhou Jianwei had to buy their own tiger out of &quot & quot ;start ;idea ,through various contacts ,Zhou Jianwei found time with a & Quot ;&quot ray ;in Hongshan zoo performing on Li Zhengliang ,a few times for a supply of sth.
,Zhou Jianwei paid $56000 to the &quot ;&quot ray ;from this ,&quot ;&quot ray ;embarked on its tragic &quot &quot ;go ;road ,it is the first station Hangzhou. After a time is urgent after training, &quot ;&quot ray ;Zhou Jianwei was brought to Hangzhou man Longgui rain Park ,visitors ,take pictures ,because &quot ;&quot ray ;quite cute, lovable ,visiting Hangzhou citizens in a continuous line ,look at business week Jianwei ,happy ,he gave ray &quot ;&quot ;&quot is set ;seven days a week ,every day &quot ;constantly show on &quot ;&quot ray ;,not only rest day ,but show slightly different ,should sticks behind ,in the eyes of Zhou Jianwei, &quot ;&quot ray ;just a plane as he brings billow source of revenue to the machine ,not a fresh life .
&quot ;&quot ray ;in Hangzhou,Jordan shoes, performing in local residents soon caused a sensation ,but also caused the Hangzhou City Hall ,they received a public report ,said Zhou Jianwei was making money ,instead of &quot ;ray &quot ;life ,city hall immediately Send check ,and promptly stopped Zhou Jianwei called crazy &quot ;the Nuggets &quot ;behavior performance was forbidden, the business gradually slow down ,in desperation ,Zhou Jianwei &quot ;&quot ray ;back to the circus in the tour ,but because and the regiment in income into the existence of differences, Zhou Jianwei produced the &quot ;&quot ray ;high profit idea.
Then ray &quot ;&quot ;&quot &quot third ;agent ;there, he is Jiangsu Huaian circus Yan Ye Cheng, Yan leaf into this only primary school culture however is mutilating &quot ;&quot ray ;the executioner .
Exhaust was frequently performed crowded as it last effort ,finally fell in their most familiar arena HH after for a supply of sth. ,Yan leaf into the price with 85000 yuan to buy the tiger.
The &quot ;&quot ray ;due to the frequent performances ,have been terribly fatigued ,breath very badly. But because of the northeast tiger of hoarding, it still became a strict leaves into the circus shake Qian Shu Yan leaves into the then forthcoming &quot ;&quot ray ;to Fujian to perform.
Frequently performed the &quot ;&quot ray ;physical condition is getting worse ,and the emergence of diarrhea and other symptoms .2000 years 11Month ,Yan leaves found in &quot ;&quot ray ;abnormal temperature rise ,hurried to please Fuqing City Veterinary Station veterinary clinics associated with given ,due to no effect ,Yan Ye Cheng also invited Fuzhou City Zoo Vet adviser Professor Lei Yao consultation ,but &quot ;&quot ray ;due to the end of healing effect and die without .
&quot ;the tiger died ,orbital is also hanging tears .&quot ;when a witness touching the ground says to the reporter .Finally end-result of &quot ;&quot ;it is open laparotomy ,leather ,claw is no good ,the meat will be served HH &quot ;&quot ray ;death, severe leaf achievement .
,immediately telephoned Zhou Jianwei to ask at audacious in the extreme of Zhou Jianwei told him ,&quot ;&quot ray ;Ripper stripping after buying a freezer ice up ,have the opportunity to sell .
No culture Yan Yecheng then complied .Towards the end of the year ,Yan Yecheng will tiger ,tiger meat with freezer together back home . In this process ,strict leaves into skin and claws out ,with alum saltpetre is good, then use alcohol soak into a plastic barrel after.
1 years ,Yan leaves into the circus to Zhejiang Cixi ,because funds on hand tight, Yan leaves into the then consider trying to dispose of.2001 tiger meatin November 15th of that year ,Yan leaves By 114 localdirectory assistance check to Nanyuan Hotel ,the hotel to sell tiger meat ,after a series of talks, both sides reached a preliminary intent .
11 month 19 days morning ,Yan Yecheng about Nanyuan hotel one came to the sale .Both sides agreed upon price ,strict leaves into a tiger meat freezer moved to Nanyuan hotel car ,and sent for the payment.
When strict back to the circus, circus colleague tells him the police station who has come looking for him. Yan realized something was discovered, immediately rushed to the Hangzhou ,Fujian, make up various proof.
But think back and forth to oneself in an ideological struggle ,Yan leaf or the initiative to Cixi City Public Security Bureau gave himself up with a mysterious past .Nobody knows its origin, only that it comes from Nanjing HH due to the northeast tiger is a protected animal in China ,this only in several circus be conscientious and do one &quot ;&quot ;work for several years, for many people earned money tiger &quot ;&quot ray ;die of exhaustion news aroused great attention of the authorities concerned .
The case was that by Nanyuan Hotel insider reported .Cixi Municipal Public Security Bureau said ,at present all involved were arrested .According to the Bureau of personnel interrogation transcripts revealed :Black North Longjiang Province large beast circus wild animal three tigers ,lions ,the three bears .
The original legal representative Zhou Fushun told police ,the three tigers ,one is in Dalian zoo to spend 22000 yuan to buy ,the tiger had retired two years old employees ,&quot ;&quot ;one is a lion and other circus change ,third are from Wuhan Zoo bought, spent 69000 yuan,have the invoice, but not by the local forestry departments .
And by Zhou Jianwei to Yan Yecheng the tiger is Zhou Jianwei from the Nanjing Hongshan zoo bought. Buy the tiger purpose is very simple ,it is to earn money. My tiger from Nanjing? !this stunned reporters.
Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo office responsible officials said in an interview with reporters :&quot ;&quot ray ;in Hongshan zoo is spent ,but not belonging to the Hongshan zoo .According to the person in charge, Yan leaves into the purchase the tiger is a man from Anhui where Li Zhengliang out .
Li Zhengliang was with the zoo to engage with the associates ,were trained animal acts ,so he has a lot of tiger ,Hongshan zoo currently has more than 30 tigers,as for The tiger is from where come from ,they are not clear .
The park also has the sale and exchange of animal rights ,is a prerequisite for the other party must have the State Forestry Department issued the domesticated license to Li Zhengliang whether have the legal documents that tame tigers ,Hongshan zoo said did not know this because .
Break down from constant overwork and fatality in the arena of the Northeast tigers ,Nanjing Hongshan zoo also expressed sympathy. Ruthless law law will punish those who become frenzied criminals ,but HH &quot ;&quot ray ;the original final destination &quot ;&quot ;Ningbo Nanyuan Hotel, the hotel concerned insider told reporters ,the shop responsible for food and beverage people have a good plan ,if bought tiger meat ,will roll top tiger meat meal ,price not the general wage-earners can withstand.
Die of exhaustion of the &quot ;&quot ray ;also value how much money ?The reporter in Cixi City Forestry Public Security Bureau police brigade saw a tiger meat value on instructions according to the State Forestry Department :on the wild animal cases how to determine the national key protected wild animal and its product value standard notification ( forest Cetong word in 1996,,the State Forestry Department ,the Ministry of finance ,country Home prices bureau on releasing terrestrial wild animal resources protection and management fee charges Notification ( forest protect character of 1992XX 72)documents, by the request of national forestry bureau, forestry bureau of Zhejiang Province, tiger meat is having special use value or the wild animal death in the main part, its value in accordance with the tiger value 80% bemade.
So in this case, the part of tiger meat value : 48000t12.5t80%=480000 (yuan ) .Now in the custody of Yan Yecheng heard of tiger meat value 480000 yuan afterbe startled at ,because he was with the Ningbo Nanyuan Hotel on the price only in 2 a little.
Strict leaf into said in court that he regretted .The defense lawyer Wei Shide Jiangsu law firm Zhao Yinlong lawyers said Yan Yecheng from the book read much, relevant laws also does not understand ,the domestication and breeding ,sale ,purchase ,transportation ,carrying the country grade one protected animal must be approved by the relevant department for approval procedures are also unclear .
Lawyer Zhao Yinlong hoped that the court can from its active surrender plot to be at the discretion of punishment. Although Nanyuan hotel in the case, no responsibility ,but the shop responsible person made it clear that the future will strictly abide by operating Shanzhen game Relevant laws and regulations.
Cixi Municipal People believes ,Yan leaves into the breach of wild animal protection laws and regulations, the illegal acquisition of national key protected animal in Northeast tiger ,tiger ,and illegal transportation ,sale of tiger meat ,its behavior already was in violation of the law ,constitute illegal purchase ,transport ,sale of rare ,endangered wild animal products of sin ,if the circumstances are especially serious, the Department of principal .
But Zhou Jianwei the illegal sale of northeast tiger act in violation of the law ,constitute the illegal sale of rare ,endangered wild animal crime ,if the circumstances are especially serious .
The remaining involved in &quot ;&quot ray ;trading and transportation related personnel have violated the criminal law to protect environment resource ,safeguard the social management order ,Cixi people to the court to prosecute ,demanded severe punishments for parties.
Yesterday afternoon in Cixi court ,Yan leaves into 5,Zhou Jianwei pleaded guilty .The court after announce an adjournment ,chose a sentencing date .In this high-profile case slot and will continue to be tracking reports.
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Electric antecedent, independent new energy shitkicking surfer

2009 Shanghai auto show ,the independent brand car almost invariably introduced its new energy automobile .These or listing or at the concept stage of new energy vehicles ,pure electric vehicles accounted for a large proportion .
Chery ,Geely S18 EK-2,SAIC Shanghai licensing of electric vehicles ,hippocampal me ,Changan E30 2008EV,Air Jordan Shoes Outlet Sale,Thai people are the first and the audience .They are the independent brand new energy strategy focus .
Zotye auto announced listed as &quot ;China pure electric passenger car &quot ;2008EV,full follow-up mileage of 300 km. So long mileage allows participants to feel surprised. Because the development of many years just production Chevrolet VOLT in order to achieve the life 100 kmlevel ,while Sbaru will soon put into production of R1e electric vehicle mileage of only 80 kilometers .
Even the first Asian debut global production only 500MINIE ,it only reached 200 kilometers mileage ,2008EVsome disparities. As everyone knows ,before the listing of F3 DMBYD dual-mode electric automotive electric mileage to 100 km.
Although F3 DM dual-mode electric vehiclesalso have gasoline engine as power assisted ,but conceptually speaking, it is also an electric steam The car ,instead of a hybrid electric vehicle.
Compared with hybrid power automobile oil electric cooperative work ,the dual-mode power electric and gasoline engine is do not interfere with each other ,that is to say ,the battery power from the daily use of electricity ,Nike Air Jordan Shoes,rather than rely on gasoline engine charge .
In BYD F3 DM listed at the beginning,our domestic and international electric the development of automobile &quot &quot ;gap ;understand . It is said that in the global master this kind of pure electric technology company is not much, only two or three appearance.
However ,Shanghai auto show give us another answer. According to Shanghai auto manufacturers to provide information ,independent brand car Chery S18 mileage ofup to 120-150 kilometers,hippocampal me mileage to 120 km ,Shanghai brand &quot ;pure electric car mileage to 200 km ,the Great Wall Euler endurance mileage to 160 km .
And so on. The mileage of electric vehicle technology is a measure of an important indicator. So big difference ,make the audience think ,Nike Jordan shoes,China development level has been at the forefront of the world .
Regardless of whether this feeling with the independent development of new energy vehicles the status quo, we might as well from the foreign car major suit exhibiting case to prove this point of view.
In this show ,joint venture Brands or imports are pure electric vehicles on display,Jordan shoes, but exhibit hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles mostly. The Mercedes-Benz S400 hybrid,Camry hybrid ,civic hybrid ,Honda New INSIGHT hybrid ,Lexus hybrid ,modern Avante hybrid ,Peugeot concept car RC HYbrid4 is a hybrid model ,there are FCX Clarity fuel cell car Honda ,Toyota FCHV-adv fuel cell vehicles will be the first exhibition.
They are repairing the sucker or factual ,foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses ?The answer to prefer the latter .In hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, foreign brands clearly has a more mature technology and successful experience, especially for Toyota and Honda ,their hybrid cars not only in Europe and America achieved good results ,the domestic consumer is slowly improving .
At home ,many joint venture brands listed in their hybrid cars ,and independent brand is the lack of response to domestic has two independent electric vehicle market ,and joint venture brands without electric automobile listed schedule .
The author thinks this stark contrast from the market risk of grasping the hybrid car has not .For the owners to worry about life ,joint venture brand promotion is not at risk .The independent in hybrid technology than foreign brands have a gap ,in the pure electric vehicle is in a starting line .
At present ,many brand manufacturers have basically mastered the core technology of electric car ,using the original traditional automotive technology platform ,with the volume of small vehicle production capacity.
The domestic electric car development comes more from the national policy support. At the beginning of the &quot ;Ten City 1000 "electric vehicle application demonstration projects and other countries to encourage independent new energy automobile R & D policy also allows independent electric vehicles in industrial adjustment made in the right place at the right time.
Electric vehicle has become independent brand development climax .The McKinsey report say ,car of new energy resources in China from the electric technology icebreaker .Believe as long as there is persevere to investment and policy support ,the independent development of electric vehicles will take the last new height.
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